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stainless steel musicianship

a bastien of integrity?

2/10/05 04:54 pm - pacgurl83

I wanted to bring up the topic of songs being covered by several different people... like "you don't have to say you love me"

I guess a song is written and is good (or not) and people wanna sing it

i kinda like when songs are sung in a punk style when they were written by some pop artist...

i hate many songs by "diva's"

Mozart... that's all. what would you say if I said, "Mozart" [motsart]

2/5/05 05:03 pm - musikdork164 - prodding

ok folks,
lets get some discussion going here.

Recently some people were talking about "perfect pitch"
I've always been doubtful of perfect pitch as something real.
i dunno, I have a lot of thoughts on this, but i want to hear someone else first.
(by the way, I'm pretty sure I don't have "perfect pitch")

1/30/05 08:48 pm - musikdork164 - musical taste

The other day I was doing some work and put on a CD of the Brahms 1st piano concerto. It's a "heavy" work.
My roommate came home and mentioned this quality and seemed to not like that aspect of it.
Like many people, he has specific tastes when it comes to most things, and although he is open to many things there is a lot of music that I know he will specifically dislike.
On the other hand, I like to think of myself as open to a lot of music, although i too have things that I cringe at (like hearing ensemble pieces from Gounod's Faust two days in a row)
so I wonder what is it about certain music that draws a person to it and/or puts one off from it.
And if I may pose a fairly loaded question: Is it possible to really be a musician and actually dislike certain "styles"?
There are admittedly very bad pieces of music, but usually this low quality has little or nothing to do with the particular "style" in which the music is conceived.
For instance, I can't stand pop-country music, but this is because it's usually saccharin, mindless pop music, on the other hand, when I hear real "country" music, I usually enjoy it.
so, can a piece of music that you simply don't like be classified as bad?

anyway, i know this topic is a little general......

1/28/05 10:12 am - musikdork164 - Good Morning

Hello everyone.
I have a feeling that it will be hard to get a community like this started. But I will try.

I suppose a good topic to start out with is:

What do you think about the need for rhythmic clarity in music?
The other day I was listening to the radio and a recording of the Waldstein came on played by Alfred Brendel.
His was the first recording of this music that I ever heard and I had all 32 Beethoven sonatas played by him on vinyl. But over the years I decided that his playing was too dry and academic and I preferred the recordings of Rubenstein, Kempff, and others. Basically those of a former generation, more connected with the 19th century and not so concerned with recording their music. (The same goes for my taste in conductors: Walter, Klemperer, Karajan, Furtwaengler, etc.)
Anyway, this recording I heard recently was Brendel and as I listened I found that it was rather sloppy rhythmically and I was bothered by this.
Maybe I was influenced by other things, but the point is it made me think about how much I value rhythmic vitality.
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