musikdork164 (musikdork164) wrote in musical_abyss,

Good Morning

Hello everyone.
I have a feeling that it will be hard to get a community like this started. But I will try.

I suppose a good topic to start out with is:

What do you think about the need for rhythmic clarity in music?
The other day I was listening to the radio and a recording of the Waldstein came on played by Alfred Brendel.
His was the first recording of this music that I ever heard and I had all 32 Beethoven sonatas played by him on vinyl. But over the years I decided that his playing was too dry and academic and I preferred the recordings of Rubenstein, Kempff, and others. Basically those of a former generation, more connected with the 19th century and not so concerned with recording their music. (The same goes for my taste in conductors: Walter, Klemperer, Karajan, Furtwaengler, etc.)
Anyway, this recording I heard recently was Brendel and as I listened I found that it was rather sloppy rhythmically and I was bothered by this.
Maybe I was influenced by other things, but the point is it made me think about how much I value rhythmic vitality.
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