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musical taste

The other day I was doing some work and put on a CD of the Brahms 1st piano concerto. It's a "heavy" work.
My roommate came home and mentioned this quality and seemed to not like that aspect of it.
Like many people, he has specific tastes when it comes to most things, and although he is open to many things there is a lot of music that I know he will specifically dislike.
On the other hand, I like to think of myself as open to a lot of music, although i too have things that I cringe at (like hearing ensemble pieces from Gounod's Faust two days in a row)
so I wonder what is it about certain music that draws a person to it and/or puts one off from it.
And if I may pose a fairly loaded question: Is it possible to really be a musician and actually dislike certain "styles"?
There are admittedly very bad pieces of music, but usually this low quality has little or nothing to do with the particular "style" in which the music is conceived.
For instance, I can't stand pop-country music, but this is because it's usually saccharin, mindless pop music, on the other hand, when I hear real "country" music, I usually enjoy it.
so, can a piece of music that you simply don't like be classified as bad?

anyway, i know this topic is a little general......
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In my experience, a musician can go pretty much wherever their fancy should lead them. They are not bounded by the convential societal rules. For example- James Brown. Beating women is far more reprehensible than a blanket hatred of electronica, but he's still James Muthafuckin' Brown. Wisdom would dictate openmindedness to all genres however. Peace.